Episode 1: Intro/For You

Episode Summary: In my introductory episode for the Press Rewind - Prince Lyrics Podcast, I spend some time explaining the premise of the show, my intro to Prince's music back in 1983, as well as discussing the lyrics to his very first album track, "For You.”https://press-rewind.blubrry.net/2018/12/07/prince-lyrics-episode-1-intro-for-you/"All of this and more is for you. With love, … Continue reading Episode 1: Intro/For You

Sheila E. – Romance 1600 (1985)

What’s the opposite of a sophomore slump? A sophomore smash, possibly? Well, whatever it’s called, that’s what Sheila E.’s second album, Romance 1600, is. The follow-up to her debut, The Glamorous Life, Romance 1600, contains a more confident Sheila E. in terms of a vocalist and a co-writer. Plus, I am of the opinion that … Continue reading Sheila E. – Romance 1600 (1985)