Smashing Pumpkins – Adore (1998)

"It's you that I adore. You'll always be my whore." Billy Corgan, the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and creative force behind the Smashing Pumpkins has always been a bit of a wild card. He is often labeled "insufferable" or "difficult" by bandmates, peers, and managers (Sharon Osbourne famously ended her 4-month tenure as Smashing Pumpkins … Continue reading Smashing Pumpkins – Adore (1998)

Prince – Controversy (1981)

"Do I believe in God? Do I believe in me?" By 1981, Prince had somewhat successfully changed up his style enough to warrant critical notice and praise. Dirty Mind did not sell as many copies as the more commercially viable Prince. Still, the attention received from notable music writers and publications provided him with validation … Continue reading Prince – Controversy (1981)