Sheila E. (1987)

Sheila E.'s time with Prince was nearing its end. Her third, a self-titled album on Paisley Park/Warner Bros. Records, was released on February 24th, 1987. While Prince and Sheila would continue to collaborate through 1988-89's Lovesexy tour, it would be another 26 years before he would help write another song that she would record after … Continue reading Sheila E. (1987)

Sheila E. – Romance 1600 (1985)

What’s the opposite of a sophomore slump? A sophomore smash, possibly? Well, whatever it’s called, that’s what Sheila E.’s second album, Romance 1600, is. The follow-up to her debut, The Glamorous Life, Romance 1600, contains a more confident Sheila E. in terms of a vocalist and a co-writer. Plus, I am of the opinion that … Continue reading Sheila E. – Romance 1600 (1985)

Sheila E. – The Glamorous Life (1984)

After leaving behind her early bands as well as playing along side her musician father, Pete, Sheila Escovedo's career took a distinctively purple turn in 1983. Having first met Prince in the late 70s after one of her shows with her father, they reconnected in time for her to contribute to a classic Purple Rain … Continue reading Sheila E. – The Glamorous Life (1984)