The Time – Ice Cream Castle (1984)

By the time Ice Cream Castle was released in the summer of 1984, life as a member of The Time was a complicated mess. Their first incarnation, now known as the Original 7ven, was no more and the second incarnation, the version of The Time shown in the Purple Rain movie, had just basically broken … Continue reading The Time – Ice Cream Castle (1984)

The Time – What Time Is It? (1982)

The Time's second album, What Time Is It? aka their best album, was created during Prince's most prolific year. In late 1981 and into early 1982, Prince was writing and creating music at a rate that most musicians can only dream of. A song for Vanity 6, a song he'll keep for himself, a song … Continue reading The Time – What Time Is It? (1982)

The Time (1981)

What time is it? It’s time for a quick review of The Time’s self-titled debut album from 1981. The album was officially produced by Morris Day and Jamie Starr, one of Prince’s many alter-egos when writing or producing music for other artists. It was also composed and written primarily by Prince, with additional writing contributions … Continue reading The Time (1981)