Episode 51: Take Me With U

On Episode 51 of the Press Rewind – Prince Lyrics Podcast, I am joined by Julian Long of Storytime with Julian to geek out on the sweet ballad “Take Me With U” from Purple Rain. Is Apollonia able to reach that place in Prince/The Kid that is calling out her name? Does Prince/The Kid sweep Apollonia off her feet and take her away, possibly to a frigid Minnesota lake? We dissect this classic song from the soundtrack and hope to uncover new aspects along the way.

To be around you is so-oh right. You’re sheer perfection (thank you).”

Prince and Apollonia combine forces via an iconic motorcycle ride in the Minnesota countryside, and the result is this quirky ballad. Finger cymbals, chaotic crashing drums, and fun little audio asides are what make this fifth and final single released from the Purple Rain album so endearing.

Julian and I discuss how “Take Me With U” was the perfect song for the movie as it mirrors the scene in which Prince, as The Kid, and Apollonia, as Apollonia express their budding infatuation with each other. A wonderfully light song that encapsulates the early stages of a romantic relationship.

Julian also points out how “Take Me With U” was a completely different song when performed live during the Purple Rain tour. With Prince primarily taking on all of the vocals, it is faster, thus coming off as a masculine-sounding version than the more feminine album version. Take a listen for yourself.

The goal of each episode of Press Rewind is to:

  • Take a track by track look at the lyrical content of Prince’s discography
  • Discuss my own interpretation of each song’s lyrics along with any guest I may have
  • If submitted, discuss listener’s interpretations of each song’s lyrics

Thank you for joining me on this journey through Prince’s catalog!

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