Press Rewind: A Prince Lyrics Podcast

Check out Press Rewind: A Prince Lyrics Podcast

So I’ve decided to expand my journey through music’s recent past onto a new medium….Podcasting! I’ve taken my “Press Rewind” concept and created a Podcast that will be going through Prince’s entire officially recorded catalog and delving into the lyrical content of each song. Considering the sheer amount of music Prince recorded in his nearly 40 years as a recording artist, this will be quite an undertaking. I’m excited about the prospects, however, and hope that I can do the man and his music justice. Please join me on this journey if you’re a fan of Prince, a fan of Podcasts, or a fan of lyrical breakdowns, song by song.

My Podcast is now available on itunes, stitcher, google play, tune in, spotify, and basically anywhere you can access Podcasts. Just search for “Press Rewind: A Prince Lyrics Podcast” and you’ll find me!

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8 thoughts on “Press Rewind: A Prince Lyrics Podcast

    1. Yeah, I know Chris Moon got a co-writing credit and I even saw he was trying to sell his ownership portion of the song on eBay not that long ago. You never know if a co-writing credit is for lyrics, for music, for overall composition or something else entirely.

      I’ll listen to the interview (thanks for the link) and if I think there’s something worth touching on, I’ll add it to a future episode before I move on from “For You”. Thanks for listening and appreciate the feedback!

  1. I commend you for taking on this very ambitious project. There are so many podcasts out there nowadays, but this may be the first to tackle Prince’s lyrics exclusively. I discovered this site from the comments on “Prince’s Friend” YouTube channel. Great work!

    1. Thank you! I love the Prince’s Friend YouTube channel and have been a supporter of his stuff for a couple years now. I guess I don’t care how you find my podcast, as long as you do.

      I made sure that what I embarked on wasn’t well trodden territory for that very reason….the excess of podcasts out there. My thoughts were that if I could offer something no one else had done, I’d find listeners somehow. Thanks for contacting me btw. It really means a lot to me.

    1. Thank you! I thought it would be cool to do it as well, so I made sure to pack my mic for the trip. My intent is to record an episode each time I’m there, however often that ends up being.

  2. Just listened to your “I Feel For You” podcast. I must admit that I enjoy Chaka Khan’s version of “I Feel For You” more than Prince’s original, probably because I heard her version first and it’s so much more energetic.

    I like when you have guests on your show, providing other perspectives to the lyrics, and if it’s not too late, perhaps you could bring Karen back to discuss “It’s Gonna Be Lonely.” That’s also my favorite from the “Prince” album.

    1. Chaka’s version is pretty amazing and I’ll never be able to shake my first impressions of that song through her performance.

      As for guests, I do enjoy having them as do my listeners but scheduling them sometimes becomes problematic. I’ll reach out to Karen to see if she has time to record the episode since she loves the song as much as we do. Hope you’re not too disappointed if I can’t make it happen for “It’s Gonna Be Lonely” since I really would like to get it recorded in the next couple days. Thanks for the suggestion!

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